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As a gadget guy with a photo obsession I try not to be swayed or get “lost” in the digital technology which often runs multi-levels deep and just enjoy the hobby for the sake of enjoying pictures as well as seeing what others can do with a camera.  

I’m often surprised at the great quality of pictures on the internet and when there is a story that goes along with the photo/artist I’m listening.   Such is the case with Kevin Connolly. Not only is he a great photographer with fascinating intellect, but he provides profound insight about people that will make you stop and speculate.  I really think it’s the start of something big. 

What makes this so interesting to me is that Kevin was born without legs.  Kevin prefers to get around on his skate board rather than wheel chairs. When the terrain isn’t skateboard friendly he walks on his hands.  Imagine being ask if you were eaten by a shark or lost your legs in Iraq?  He has been ask! 

My initial reaction was one of sadness, but after learning and reading more about this individual I have an incredible amount of respect for what he has accomplished and the obstacles he has over come. 

Kevin is a championship skier, world traveler, photographer and skateboarder.  He is a senior film student at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.  Last year he completed a year of study at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch NZ – a world away from his native state of Montana.  He placed second at the 2007 X Games as a mono-skier.   

And while traveling around the world he captured the expressions of people from his camera’s unique vantage point as they see him getting around on his skateboard.  Kevin has exhibited his photographic study called ‘The People are Curious’.  The photo essay is about how around the world people react in the same way, they are curious and they stare.

The work is part of his The Rolling Exhibition is 3200 photos he shot while seeing 15 countries from his unique vantage.   I would truly like to meet Kevin and spend time listening to his travel stories.  

What an inspiration for all of us into photography or just living life.

Picture by Chris Toalson courtesy of Kevin Connolly.


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