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I ran the Shamrock Run this weekend and along with the time change I’m feeling the effects a bit this morning. The Shamrock is considered the start of the running season for many in the Northwest and the rain cooperated making the event most enjoyable…as runs go. After the event I noticed several videographers on the sidewalks doing the “YouTube” interview gig. While gasping for oxygen I got a synopsis from one dude on his high-def project.

The HDV community is unique and advances in the ability to process, store, and manipulate high-quality digital media in real time are paving the way for independent filmmakers to achieve groundbreaking results.

At the same time the HDV camcorder industry is also undergoing tremendous innovation, with new/higher performance features being introduced, at price points that make it affordable to an increasing number of users. At the pro-sumer end of this market is Sony’s exceptional new HVR-V1U HDV camcorder and companion HVR-DR60 hard disk recorder.

One of the unique features in the HVR-V1U is that it offers a progressive 24p 1440 x 1080 recording mode ideally suited for independent filmmakers and others who desire a film look for their productions. One of the difficulties for native-editing based NLEs is that the 24p signal is embedded into an interlaced 60i signal. To offer a true 24p editing workflow you must first extract the 24p sequence from its 60i container, a process called inverse telecine. Resulting files are recorded into an intermediate format, and are immediately available for 24p editing on Windows using Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, or on Mac OS X using Final Cut Pro.

I believe CineForm is the only company who provides inverse telecine algorithms in a compressed Digital Intermediate workflow and gives the videographer a software-based real-time extraction of the 24p source sequence from the HVR-V1U. In addition to 24p support in the HVR-V1U, Sony has also included an HDMI connector on the camcorder allowing it to output uncompressed HD digital video that bypasses the highly-compressed HDV format during recording.

With a Blackmagic Intensity card, you could record an uncompressed signal (before MPEG compression) direct-to-disk into CineForm Intermediate files at up to 10-bit precision and with full 4:2:2 chroma resolution.

The aggressive pricing of these new solutions offer independent filmmakers extraordinary visual fidelity and truly challenges the “old guard” of big-budget movies.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see my red, sweaty face on some Shamrock highlight reel from Fire and Ice productions…

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Confession: I actually kind of totally hate running.

Several years ago I “dealt” with that, immersed myself in the hoo-hah and ran consistently (3-5 times a week) for about 4 years. Finally, after an unpleasant ‘clicking’ sound coming from my right knee during the Shamrock Run, I thought its time to call it quits and no matter how much Irish beer I drank that day the pain remained.

My problems with running are numerous. First, there’s no TV and chips! But, even when consciously thinking about it, I have a difficult time with pace. I find that without constant attention, I’m running s-l-o-w or I’ll run too fast at any given moment. That means, I’m always gasping for breath or near it all the time. Second, I think I may be a defective runner as I wander… all over the path rather than in a direct and straight line. The fact that my arms are wailing around like I’m rowing a boat doesn’t help. Second, part 2, even though the medical doctors aggravated me during my knee problems about youth and age and during rehab about age and youth blah, blah, blah it motivated me to try the bike, but you know what? That small seat hurts my butt! What are they thinking? I have none of this discomfort while watching TV!

But perhaps the biggest hurdle is that I never like admitting exactly how out of shape I really am when getting back into trying to run again. I have a friend of a friend…yes, that would be Tina that I compare myself to, who can get up after not running for a year weeks and run a 10K or buy new shoes, fly into a sunny location and just like that finish the marathon. What’s up with that?! So, my recourse is to just force myself to run full-steam until I’m miserable and deadly exhausted.

But, a terrific thing has come into my life that have made running not only possible, not only something I feel I need to do, but, shock and awe, semi-enjoyable. I actually have thoughts like “I want to leave work early and go for a run now.” Maybe it’s just the leaving work early part or:

My iPod+Nike adapter kit, hoo-hah. Knowing that I’m running a 6:40 mile down hill when totally out of shape makes me slow down because I know I can’t maintain it on flat ground. The consistent feedback from this little Apple thingy lets me know when I’m getting out of line. Plus, as a bonus I can listen to music. And oh yeah, you have charts and graphs and other motivational things online…sort of the give a mouse a cookie syndrome…

So there you have it. It’s already February, and looking back at the past month I feel okay with my schedule, but its time to ratchet it up.

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Be careful out there. I often register at Web 2.0 sites as part of my function in life to sketch, discuss, “hot-glue”, mashup, hack, build and think toward a more innovative future.

Most recently in reviewing “Mommy” sites I’ve been posing as a 35 year-old mom (Carmen – likes Cars and Men – get it?) with 4 kids. My oldest son, Ricky, is 16 so he’s taking care of Tabitha, 6, and Billy, 4. My youngest, Jeremy, 3 months, is somewhere around here. He’ll turn up. He usually does.

In looking around some of these sites and they’re disturbing to say the least. The type of information being shared is pretty scary. You often see detailed information about the person and their family, holiday photos of the kids including geo-tags of their house and other content that could be used to identify them. Some of the things parents post makes them look completely clueless or like they are sitting at the computer writing a blog while their kid festers in a dirty diaper. Are parents really this stupid these days? As far as I’m concerned, parents posting too much information aren’t fit to be parents because they put their families at risk at the very worst and at the very best look like they are wasting time on the computer when they could be doing something better. With their kids!

In the backwaters of my online watch, I’ve heard that unemployed guys spend half their time trolling blog comments and the other half trying to pick up middle-aged women on the “Mommy” social networks.

As Carman the 35 year-old mom, I like that my profile is public. It’s good knowing that a lot of guys scour these sites looking for hot single (and not so single) moms to pick up on. I posted my pics from before I had my 4 kids and before the crank took my teeth so, I look pretty good in my profile. Just got an email from a used car salesman in New Jersey. He could be the one! And as long as they’re still collecting unemployment benefits bring them on! After I log off MommyBuzz I’ll head over to CafeMom and see if anybody can recommend the best online dating site. Still looking for a real man to take care of my kids. My welfare check arrives on Friday’s and I can’t wait to buy a new Alienware computer. My games are going to be so hot with the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card!

The list of social networks for moms is growing: they include MomJunction, Maya’s Mom, MothersClick, MommyBuzz, MTV’s ParentsConnect, Famster, Minti, RaisingThem, Cingo and CafeMom. To be candid, I’m not sure which or how all these sites will survive, but surely the market can’t support them all.

Have to go now. Billy can’t find Jeremy. He’s probably stuck behind the furnace again. *Sigh* Do I have to do everything around here?

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Now that the mash potatoes have settled and the holiday eat-until-you-feel-chest-pain season is over, I thought a couple suggestions on sites that can help battle the “muffin top” was in order.

I am SO going to do anything! Hit those treadmills, pump some iron and do the Web loss proud!

RunFatBoy is a tool created to help newbie’s lose weight. RunFatBoy provides customized workouts based on your weight and then you can customize the workouts from there.

iTrainHarder is an online nutrition and fitness tracking and planning system that allows you to see your results as well as plan for new ones. The software allows you to track your progress using advanced web tools for personal fitness.

Skinnyr is the most basic of the tools tested (it is still very useful!). The idea with Skinnyr is that you can create a graph with your current weight. You can put the graph on any site you are associated with like MySpace or your blog.

Traineo is a site that combines motivation from friends and family with awesome tools for working out. Traineo’s idea is simple: join for free and pick up to 4 friends or members of your family (who will become your ‘traineo motivators’) to receive weekly email updates on your progress towards your weight loss and fitness goals. Our easy-to-use software allows you to choose what you’d like traineo to report to your motivators so they can give you the motivation, support and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Gimme20 provides Fitness Tracking, Community, Weight Tracker and a Blog. There is also a mobile fitness tracker They also just launched a fitness widget for you’re the site.

MyFoodDiary offers a food diary, exercise log, charts and a discussion forum. The site costs $9/month. The site is one of the longer running sites

In coop with Apple you can use your iPod (Nano) to track walk/runs, make New Year’s resolutions, or taunt your friends with trash talk about how you’re going to challenge them and win a goal.

SparkPeople is a diet plan site that combines a calorie counter, meal planning, fitness programs, recipes and expert answers into a feature-rich site.

Fitday tracks your foods, exercises, weight loss, and goals. Has over 2 Million members using the free, online calorie counter and weight loss journal.

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We all know that biological and genetic factors encourage the body to store energy in the form of fat to protect people when the availability of food is limited or irregular. I didn’t think I was all that worried about availability of food this winter…but, after jumping on the scales it would seem I’m very concerned.

And, it’s snowing outside, the bicycle has a flat tire, the sidewalk is slick with freezing rain and my running gear is in the clothes hamper smelling up the house…what to do? I know, I’ll search (as George dub-ya says) THE Google…

THE Google has all the answers! Don’t let me down on this one.

My first challenge was how to categorize the situation and determine “what” to ask THE Google. Is it weight loss, overweight, reduction-of-fat, reduction programs, weight trends, hypercholeterolemia, gastric bypass, or just obese. I chose obese, but had a very difficult time typing it into the search bar, thinking how skinny that little box is and what if it doesn’t fit?

I hit return and bam! Thousands of hits including several YouTube videos. And there it was…an ominous warning…

“Obesity is the number one health threat in the United States today,” — says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Well, that didn’t make me feel better so, seeking instant gratification I jumped over to DailyStrength as it’s one of those social networking sites for health support. Where do men go to find other like minded people who are connected to the dieting community, want to correspond with each other, and give each other virtual “support hugs” between snacks at 3am?…back on task, Mac. I scrolled down the page and read about elevated fibrinogen levels and obesity rate for the Boy Scouts and then over to how the House Rabbit Diet works for certain type people, huh?!

And then a real nugget surfaced about a company called Orexigen Therapeutics, which targets neurons in the central nervous system to suppress appetite. Wow! Exactly what I need. A new and novel approach to dieting and a clear path to achieving that 30 something biff-n-buff build again.

So, I signed up for the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO) trail. A secret “society” with access to a once-a-day pill that’s designed to sustain weight loss by enhancing satiety, diminishing appetite, improving energy expenditure and minimizing the body’s efforts to compensate for weight loss….all while watching HD-HBO.

How cool is that! Pass the cheese whiz…

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