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Mark Zuckerberg Celeb Wreck

Doing the SXSWi gig this week and picked-up the Zuckerberg keynote.  It’s not every day at a major conference you get to see a celeb wreck!  

The blogosphere is buzzing about the keynote where Zuckerberg was interviewed by BusinessWeek’s – Sarah Lacy. Being there 10 rows back made it painful.  News.com’s Daniel Terdiman has a good account of the keynote and how Lacy lost the Twittermania crowd.It was brutal and Lacy was heckled for nearly everything, but at first seemed to enjoy that she was becoming the story. Mistake number 1.

Lacy’s arrogance shined through as a FOM (friend of Mark), but will become an Internet classic for her condescending statement about how the crowd just didn’t “understand how hard it was to be a journalist“.In any case, it was ugly.

But on to some of the information.  Zuckerberg stated that Facebook now has more than 200K developers and the company just reached 500 employees.  Zuckerberg mentioned many, many, many times: “We’re building a platform to help people communicate”  yet questions from the audience about how the fundamental email system doesn’t serve us or work well went unanswered.   When ask about his “Fortune”, Zuckerberg stated the company is not focused on valuation.  “we just don’t think like that”.  He stated it was going to be the Google veteran Sheryl Sandberg new hire to help organize the company.  Overall the company is more concerned about reputation (privacy) than about just about building applications.  Zuckerberg stated that Facebook went live last night in French and that it just went live in Spanish.  He mentioned that one of the first things that happened was a community revolt re; the Columbian government. He went on to tell a story about terrorism…I found it fairly lame just coming from ETECH and hearing about Global Village, but he was trying to prove a point about how the internet is all about connections.   Society is held together by connections. They are related. “What we (Facebook) are doing as a mission is a very important thing,” Mark stated and did I tell you…”Helping people communicate.”

This will go down as the lamest interview ever. 

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