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iWait in iLine

Kris Tate and ScobleImage credit, Gabe Rivera of Techmeme

In reading RSS feeds this morning people started lining up at 3am in Palo Alto. It’s a once in a life time event…well, that is until the next game console gizmo releases this fall. They are all there at the Apple store…podcasters (Robert Scoble), the Zooomr CEO (Thomas Hawk), the CTO (Kristopher Tate), legendary Apple developer Bill Atkinson, Digg founder (Kevin Rose – hey Kev, still waiting on that return phone call…guess you’re busy!).

Speaking of PR, Zooomr knows how to get free press.

What sticks out in my mind is that homeless guy (at least he looks homeless from the picture) wearing a Zooomr sticker on his shirt, sitting 5th in line. Now $600 is a lot of money to spend on a combined phone/iPod, but to get your Zooomr logo on the front page of media all over the country—that is priceless!

And speaking of PR (blunders?) a semiconductor company in Santa Clara, CA — launched/unveiled the latest phase of it’s expanded 2nd Life presence — on the same day as the iPhone launch — rounding out what is now known as the Intel Island.

Cool, but a rather difficult day to get PR visibility with all the iPhone noise…

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You can find a lots of websites on the Internet that spend their time arguing whether Mac OS X or Windows is superior. Most of these websites offer nothing but heated debate that is based more on personal opinions and biased attitudes than actual facts.

It’s easy to be distracted by all of this “noise” because there’s so much of it on the Internet. I recognize that every user has a different need, and I’m not blogging to create more heated commentaries or Windows rhetoric babbling.

The above “logic puzzle” from HP clearly suggest that consumers using Mac OS X have an easier go of it and the differences of the OS are found in the details.

That can’t be good for Microsoft…

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The iPhone Countdown

Okay I’m getting ready…sleeping bag – check, bottled water – check, fruit & nut snack – check…for the camp out at the Apple store. Who’s in with me?

The reviews are coming in from the “VIP” journalists. You know the ones we can’t make buying decisions on products with out their advice: Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal), David Pogue (New York Times), Steven Levy (Newsweek) and Edward Baig (USA Today). As you would expect nothing but super duper praise for such a revolutionary device and nothing but cold water on the inadequate AT&T EDGE network.

What do I think about the iPhone? I couldn’t tell you as the sample unit I thought I would get somehow got lost in the mail.

So, in place of the real thing I’ve found a cardboard cut-out of the iPhone and assembled the device. You too can print one out and assemble.

My color cardboard cut-out is “superb,” “revolutionary” and “beautiful”…see? I can spread the hollow rhetoric on the most-hyped mobile phone ever too.

If I left you unfulfilled with that cardboard cut-out then see a snappy video “review”, which entertains vs. truly analyzes. These days, it’s getting more difficult to tell the difference between credible news by objective professional journalists and what I read on joesixpack.blogspot.com.

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The US Open “HD” streams are most impressive quality. But, does 700Kbps, 640 x 360 resolution really qualify the video as “HD?” I think not and is a misrepresentation!

The commercials are tolerable. They have the preroll ad when you invoke the channel. After that, they seem to have the ads synced with the TV commercial breaks since it’s simulcast with the live ESPN coverage.

This is standard definition (SD) – pure and simple. Any misrepresentation as HD is purely false. SD has spatial resolutions up to 720 x 480 (NTSC) and 720 x 576 (PAL). HD is recognized for spatial resolutions beginning at 1280 x 720 and going up to 1920 x 1080.

ESPN’s corporate brethren at ABC are delivering what many believe is the best streaming video experience on the web (via Flash Video and a special “Move Media Player” plug-in that appears to tap into an optimized CDN) at landing, and they are planning to offer full 720p (1280×720) HD next month. See the blog for the details and some screenshots pertaining to the upcoming HD experience.

I’m very impressed by the video quality of what’s available on line now (and the ABC UI is pretty slick). If ABC can pull off the 720p stream, I’m prepared to be dazzled.

There may be a day where I won’t need to pay (as much) for comcastic…

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Need I say more?!!
We should all do this to our TV!!

Photo Courtesy of TELPortfolio

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Lemonade from Lemons

uTube BldLast year uTube.com was angered by a case of mistaken identity. Based in Perrysburg, Ohio and since 1985, Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment, has sold tube, pipe and rollforming machinery. The confusion with YouTube.com sent uTube’s traffic soaring from 1,500 visits per month to more than 2 million. Even the police in Australia mistakenly accused uTube of having child pornography on their Web site and it further hurt their business.

So, Universal Tube did what all American companies do. It sued Google’s YouTube last November after seeing traffic spikes overwhelm its servers. But Ralph Girkins, Universal Tube’s President decided uTube.com needed to make the most of all the traffic it received from people mixing up its site. Ralph decided they would cater to the “lost” YouTube fans by expanding into a completely different market: ring tones and redirect links for social networks and/or online dating sites.

Google is big gun in the market, but Ralph recently reported that revenue generated by the ring tones is making enough to pay for uTube.com’s hosting costs, however it has a long ways to go before it pays off the legal bills.

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mscape logo
Mediascapes are mobile, location–based experiences that incorporate digital media with the sights, sounds, and textures of the world around you. A mediascape blends digital images, video, audio and interactions with the physical landscape.

“mscape” is the code name for a new technology from HP Labs. mscape software and the mscape player let you create and enjoy mediascapes. And mscapers.com is the place for sharing and downloading mediascapes on your GPS–enabled devices.

You can play mediascapes on a GPS–enabled Windows Mobile device. Games, guided walks and tours, and destinations are among the mediascapes created to date. You can download a mediascape onto a portable device, and see how the landscape comes alive as you move through the environment.

Browse HERE.

A simple and cool idea…

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Mobile Phones In The Toilet

From the fun facts and odd department…according to SimplySwitch.com – a price comparison and switching service – Britons lose 885,000 mobile phones every year by dropping them in the toilet. That’s a fairly hefty replacement market!

The report provides some insight on common causes of losing mobile handsets from falling out of pockets, lost in a taxi to pets chewing through them and my favorite being knocked into the toilet. I can relate as there were a number of days I would have dropped my old Treo 650 in the toilet after having multiple lock-up/resets! What a piece of…junk…that is!

The good news about the ‘carelessness’ market is that owners seem to become more careful with age. Now if I could just remember where I placed it last…

Roger Baxtor

And finally to the bizarre department… Roger Baxter (Aurora, CO) survives a gunshot to the chest because his mobile phone was in his shirt pocket. No word on if the phone made it.

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