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When Nintendo® announced it opened up Internet access on the new Wii™, the people lucky enough to get the popular video game console got an unexpected gift free“frii” – a simple new way to enjoy all of the digital entertainment on their home PC directly on their living room TV screen using Orb Networks™ software as the bridge.

Orb’s frii software allows you to enjoy all digital media from your home PC as well as online videos from the growing source of Internet TV and content sites on any other networked device with an internet browser – be it other PCs, lap tops, PDAs or mobile phones with streaming players – and now TV with the Wii. Also available for the PLAYSTATION®3.

Offering web browsing and internet connectivity on game consoles is simple and easy. And consumers want the freedom to surf the Web while sitting on their sofas. People can get any digital content on their home PC, be it videos, music, TV, photos, whatever they want, and watch it on their TV screen without limitations or additional fees, which is what Orb Networks promises and the Wii console deliver.

Let’s add this up. A Wii for $249, a frii Opera web browser, and frii Orb software. Isn’t that the cost of the Mediabolic DMA (Digital Media Adapter)? Stop the presses! Mediabolic was just acquired by Macrovision. I’m sure we’ll read how Mediabolic extends Macrovision’s capabilities in the delivery and enhancement of digital content blah, blah, blah. Bottom line is it’s ISS (It’s Simplicity Stupid!) – Simplicity is what consumers are looking for. Within 24 hours of Nintendo’s announcement, an avid fan had posted a tutorial on how to use Orb with Wii on YouTube, which thousands have already viewed at YouTube.

The net-net, is Nintendo has opened the door for millions of gamers to see the power of what the Internet can offer in terms of media freedom, choices and access: Sony will follow suit, and the content providers and programmers will take notice.

Did Intel® Viiv™ just became a bit less relevant?  Is it relegated to a museum in a celebration of fascinating devices that don’t work? Watch and be amazed by the Wii!


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